We often hear talking about renewable energy resources – among these biogas – since their usage certainly represents an important form of environmental protection. Indeed, biogas has recently turned out to be an extremely useful resource, allowing the recycling process of degradable organic materials and fostering the reduction of the greenhouse effect. Thanks to these peculiarities, biogas is unanimously considered an excellent ally in an eco-friendlier future.


The pursuit of a responsible way of production which takes account of an environmental awareness is a basic requirement to operate in our field.


Accordingly, we would like to use our blog as a channel to interactively share our ideas and our values. SIL IMPIANTI INDUSTRIALI srl wants to contribute to this changing towards a green economy, dealing with the theme of biogas and biomethane.

Some technical notions first

Biogas is a natural gas mainly composed by methane (CH4), carbon dioxide (CO2), sulfuric acid (H2SO4) and ammonia (NH3). These gases result from the fermentation of domestic, agro-industrial and zootechnical organic waste. Once the fermentation has concluded, the resulted residue can be widely used in agriculture as fertilizer.


This so called “digested” plays a major role in the environment protection, since it enriches the agricultural soil’s microflora and microfauna. In addition to that, in allows to store carbon dioxide in the underground, thus reducing its presence in the atmosphere and subsequently the green house effect.


The biogas production plants are mainly used in the electricity production or as an alternative to refine and produce fuel. We are now going to deepen some aspects of the upgrading process involved in the raw gas purification.

Production techniques: towards environmental sustainability

The upgrading process takes place through membrane separation of the polluting substances to obtain biomethane. Thereupon, the upgrading through membrane can be surely considered an innovative technical solution both in reducing global pollution and increasing plants’ efficiency.


Tests have shown that refining plants of raw biogas can reach a level of methane purity around 98% and Co2 recovery efficiency greater than 99%, making this process ecological as well as adaptable to multiple purposes.


A responsible and eco-friendly approach is the key to the modern industrial production worldwide. Our current life standard and the legacy for the future generations rely on our ability to reduce resource consumption. Nevertheless, they won’t be given the right to free access to the same resources we have the privilege to benefit of.


We all should take up this challenge, committing ourselves in encouraging sustainable ways to produce and adopting conscious consumption habits. Meanwhile, we should not forget these are not only duties, but also privileges.

5 benefits of eco-sustainable production

  • Waste reduction.
  • Lower environmental impact.
  • Enhancement of your own brand identity.
  • Increase of economic relations with your target.
  • Greater competitiveness of your company and its production/services on the market.

If we want to achieve some results, it is vital that we all channel our efforts in the same direction as soon as possible. Conscious that there is still much to do, SIL IMPIANTI wants to contribute to this challenge too, driven by a new widespread environmental awareness.


“There is a world where people don’t let things happen. They make them happen.”

Sergio Marchionne


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